Creating websites for every need

Doing business online has led to the corporate website becoming a store window, which will be inspected by potential customers on a daily basis. Often will the design by itself, as well as site accessibility determine whether visits by a potential buyer end with a concrete action – purchase of a product, service inquiry, searching for information. Therefore, the design and functionality of the website are prerequisites for a successful online business, therefore the development of the site should be approached with special care.

Our approach to website design and planning

Quality website production must ensure that the prerequisites have been met, and it is our job to make sure of that. Getting to know the essence and philosophy of your business, with a full understanding of your ambitions and wishes that you have of your future website, is the first and basic step in our web design.

The first element that visitors will notice is the website design. It is important to create the right combination of colors and site elements, so that the first impression is positive. That’s why we pay special attention to website design.

Creating websites for every need

Depending on your needs, we offer the following solutions:

  • CMS site production – they are the best solution for most of the customers. They have a built-in system which allows you to update your own site.
  • HTML website production – a perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses that need a basic representation of services, products, information about the company and contact information.
  • Webshop production – they are web programs that allow posting, updating and selling products over the Internet.
  • Internet portal production – they are more complex websites, and they generally contain different topics with grouped applications, multimedia content, and text parts.
  • Websites for mobile devices – they enable access to the desired content from any mobile device (phone, tablet, iPad, etc.)

Website maintenance and updating

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen our team to create your website or you own an already existing one, if you need to maintain your website, you can always turn to us. As part of site maintenance services, we offer:

  • Data updating – entry of the new and changing of the existing content
  • Reporting on website visitors statistics and analysis
  • Backup of the site

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Internet marketing – website promotion

After creation and launch of the site, a very important thing in order to achieve its potential is sufficient promotion of the site. In order for visitors to come as soon as possible to your site, and for you to begin to generate revenue from online business, we offer a complete internet marketing service.

With this service we perform:

The effect of quality website on business

In order for a corporate site to achieve its potential, a continuous work in various domains is required. A good website can be compared to a machine that works best “when it warms up,” and it takes a wide scope of activities to obtain a maximum benefit.

A strong brand that brings recognition, loyal customers and a substantial income from online business – these are all the prizes that you will get for the effort and money invested into quality website production and internet marketing.

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