Site maintenance maintains and improves your site’s content, layout, functionality. Let your site be in align with the times, be visible on search engines, have the freshest content, images, news…

Leave updating and maintenance of the site our professional team.

Website maintenance

Naturally, we always recommend the maintenance of the site on a monthly ie. annuall basis, for the convenience and cost effectiveness.

Services we can provide:

  • Adding products and changes
  • Adding new articles, services, web pages
  • Adding the latest news
  • Adding images, charts, photos, and changes
  • Adding scripts to track site visits (Google Analytics)
  • Page optimization for search engines
  • Marketing of your site on the same places where your competition is: Twitter, Facebook, Google…

For all the services that you are interested in, on this list or not, please contact us.

Site maintenance on a monthly basis

Monthly maintenance of a website is used when there are regular site changes or when it happens more frequently (several times a month). Frequent changes in the content, in addition to text and photos may involve modification of multiple pages, as well as adding new ones (eg. new products in the catalog, pricing changes, a new folder in the gallery, etc.). For dynamic companies which modify and enhance their business often, maintenance of the site on a monthly basis is the best solution.

Maintenance as needed

Site maintenance as needed is used for sites where content is rarely and/or irregularly changed (once a month and less). In 90% of cases this involves changing text and photos, possibly adding images to existing galleries or updating the news. For companies which need less frequent changes on the site, this is the most optimal way of updating/maintenaning their site.

What does the website update involve

Website update involves changing the existing content on the pages, as well as adding pages with the same structure. Complete changes in appearance of the web site and adding web elements that did not exist before (forms, polls, flash, scripts, etc.) belong to the site maintenance, functionality improvement or site redesign.

If you have a frequent need for website maintenance, and you do not want to have permanent staff who will deal with it, you can get from us individual or a regular update services and web pages maintenance. We can offer you website maintenance on a monthly or as needed basis.