Business impact of social networks

Modern and successful business can hardly be imagined today without marketing on social networks.

Social networks are today much more complex and prone to changes than they were before. It is necessary for good performance to identify a market that is critical to your business niche. Good marketing on social netwoks can make progress for your business that you havent’t dreamed of. What you should also know is that:

  • 75% of online shopping takes place via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • 39% of Facebook users follows pages of well-known brands in order to inform about their favorite products
  • 74% Internet users use information from social networks when purchasing
  • 4 out of 10 social network users have bought an object after it was promoted on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest
  • From January 2013 until June 2013, total revenue from online stores grew by 17.8% thanks to good marketing in social networks.

How we manage social networks

In order to successfully approach management of social networks, it is necessary to define all of your business strengths, that which makes you the best and build a brand around it.

Social network marketing includes the following steps:

  • analysis of your business and your potential customers on social networks,
  • creation of corporate accounts,
  • management of corporate accounts,
  • creation of original promotional messages (copywriting),
  • constant interaction with your followers,
  • analysis and a monthly report on the operations,
  • creation and running advertising campaigns.

The benefit of the quality management of social networks

Quality management of social networks by a marketing expert can give many benefits to your business:

  1. Brand strengthening
  2. Active involvement and participation of potential customers in your communication
  3. Discount, shares and sale promotions
  4. Getting products closer to customers
  5. The possibility of promoting a product (service) through multimedia content
  6. Increasing revenue from online sales 

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