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Urban Dizajn agency in Belgrade offers SEO optimization services and for many years has been successfully positioning sites on the Google search engine.

Why SEO services and why Google SEO site optimization?

85% of sites’ Internet traffic is generated through search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing…).
90% of surfers do not go beyond the third page.
75% of surfers do not go beyond the first page of the search engine’s results.
85.7% of the total searches on the Internet is generated by Google, while Yahoo and Bing together reach a total of under 8%.

SEO for Google

Google, as you saw the statistics, takes over 85% of searches worldwide. Thats why Google has become synonymous for every search for any information on the Internet, as well as for optimizing sites and positioning on it.

It also suggests the SEO rules that professional SEO optimizers should always adhere to in order to reach the best possible website optimization.

Positioning on the first page of Google search results

Top positions in search engines are one of the most important factors for the success of any website and business on the Internet. Our expertise is to increase traffic to your site, raising your ranking on Google search engine.

Our SEO expert will enable your website to have enough quality content and to be optimized by SEO rules. Only then, your site will remain in the top positions in the long run.

SEO services

  • Detailed research of keywords and key phrases
  • Research of competition websites
  • SEO optimization of pages
  • Svanced SEO optimization with alt tags, text links
  • Insertion of meta tags and keywords
  • Generating SEO site structure, internal linking of pages, SEO URLs
  • Submiting the site on Google and other search engines
  • Link building campaign, registration in the web directories, web address books, bookmarking
  • Tracking Visitors – Google Analytics
  • SEO consulting
  • SEO web design services

SEO references

Our many years of experience in SEO services and success in it can be seen on the page SEO references.

Optimize your site and leave the competition behind!

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