The importance of Facebook marketing

Marketing on Facebook provides many more possibilities than you can imagine. It has become a major channel for promoting products and services. It should be noted that every minute around the world 277,000 people log on to their Facebook profile, while over 6,000,000 Facebook page are viewed. In Serbia, there are approximately 3,000,000 accounts made on this social network. This information is very important to understand the size of the potential market on this network.

How we approach Facebook marketing

Complex service such as social networks management can be in no case approached lightly. This comprehensive service requires experts from multiple areas, and can be divided into two levels:

Facebook account management

During Facebook page management in business purposes, one of our primary tasks is to strengthen the brand and increase revenue from online business.

In order to achieve desired results, the process of Facebook account management includes the following tasks:

  • Production of corporate identity design of your Facebook account
  • Content optimization of corporate fan page
  • Brand building and strengthening
  • Interactions with fans
  • managing contests, sales promotions and application development
  • monthly report on the activities and performance

Advertising on Facebook

One of the most important advantages of Facebook network is the option of paying ads and targeting potential clients by well-defined campaigns. In this way, at low cost, you can talk to a large number of people at the same time. This service includes:

  • campaign management
  • report about the results

For more information on this service, see here – Advertising on Facebook

Results of good Facebook Marketing

Business presence on Facebook is something that you should not deprive your business of. In this way you can achieve excellent results and effects on your business. The most significant results that can be achieved through excellent Facebook business account management are:

  1. Recognizable brand
  2. Gathering loyal customers
  3. Effective and affordable advertising
  4. The increase in revenue from online business

If you are interested in our services Facebook Marketing, please feel free to contact us.