Mobile phone apps

Today, mobile phones are so improved that it is hard to imagine communication, which means business, without some Android or iPhone device. Each of these devices has a Play Store or App Store, where you can find a variety of applications that can be downloaded to that device and used either for private or business purposes.

We can provide you with the service of producing various applications that are suited for these mobile devices, and which are tailored to your needs. Stylish interface design and easy navigation are an essential part of our offer of mobile phone application development.

Android apps

When creating applications for Android, we take care of the following details:

  • Device type
  • OS type on the device
  • Screen resolution (responsive apps creation)
  • Geolocation (possibility to choose geographic region on which the app will be available)
  • Menu, widget and activities design

Facebook apps

We offer services of producing all kinds of applications for Facebook. If you do not have a clear idea of what you want, we are here to help you decide.

If you choose to create some application that could help you, feel free to contact us.